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Friday, November 26, 2010

oh my mister god!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

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Hey self! Beware of the need of balance between the newly found 2001's black monolith and human dialectis!

Sunday, December 23, 2007


objects are atomic structure, and their qualiatic identity is taken after relating to other objects, by fresh 3_category reverberation mixing, welding. always fresh.

atomic objects are always interchangeable, while qualiated objects are unique and declarative.

The role of ART is to produce 2_ procedural aligned transformations of 3_ declarative objects. Meaning to multiply the unique 3_qualiated objects, and thus produce 3_ friction and generate Existence = matter in motion (energy).

Rationale: the role of reason is to keep definition and other limits into place, to pass into the future everything that was into the past. So reason makes fixed things including art, while art makes energetic random things, including fixed, defined reason.

True art is the art that lasts. So reason must have as subpurpose the lasting of energy into the system, it must choose those reason led endevoirs that have an energetic load higher then the other parts of the system.
WARNING: if art is not made from inside the system, but the highest point is chosen from outside, then limits are pushed, reason is broken, so continuity breaks and everything dies.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

The absolute

The absolute sinks in the brain and becomes less than it.

The brain treats the absolute as most high and small.

The absolute must be communicated in both it's form as a particular object AND it's form as the absolute.

GOD must be written in capitals and normals too. He is above, but inside us too.
So: God god does miracles, or not. I pray to Him him. Jesus was a man. He was the son of God god.

But god is allmighty, so one letter is not enough.
So: GOD God god. GOD God god is a trinity. The ABSOLUTE Absolute absolute as highest, then it's manifestation as a unitary system that goes low at infinity, thus Absolute, or God, and then the particularity of absolute and god, like a stone or a piece of something.

This doesn't matter if you're a clerk, or some ass-munch, but when it's the last problem unsolved under the ABSOLUTE Absolute absolute, then it's a pretty hard problem.

How am I going to express my self? I need a computer that holds all the variables and systems and with one action (as in the brain) it writes all the manifestations necessary in that present written piece. PIECE Piece piece.

PIECE Piece piece be with you.

Language mathematization

Every number has a number. Every process has a number.
---The infinite is the process PLUS.

Every word has a number or a process. Every gesture and action and car and NOS has a number.

Words have no color. Colors have a number. Prints and drawings have a number. Everything has a number.

Everything is a number.

-∞, 0, +∞



Degrees of certitude. Like 2 and the/an absolute. Primitives is the means towards grappling undeveloped people.

0. Certainty of the r.d.u.t.s.

1. Certainty of matter

First there is certainty over the exact identity, or, by other names, fingerprint, print, constitution, etc. of material facts. This does not include the spirit or it's material constitution eg. brain physical phenomena, because point 2.


SHORT: made of iron, wood, tastes like vinegar, |perfect affective analysis|.

Long: an apple is made of cells filled with water, water from the sea, rain and bottles and cells from cellulose, with that ascertained chemical constitution.

2. Certainty of presence of interpretation

Second, there is certainty over interpretation that a certain p.o.v. gives to imaterial facts, like mathematics or meaningless acts or material transformation. Mostly uncertain.


SHORT: vinegar is bad. He hates him. That action seems unbalanced. |Perfect relative dynamic analysis of arbitrarily and unconsciously interpreted certain facts.|

Long: why kids act sometimes like they do is an uncertain fact, either from a behavioral p.o.v. or cognitive, or psychoanalytic.


This point of view is making a good attack on angles of interpretation over perfection, relativity.

When all phenomena is accesed noumenally things have explanations and engines that achieve their target, but the satisfaction with incompleteness and failure of normal people mixed with systematic noumenal thought's lack of dependencies and high level of tolerance for rubbish prevents the fact of failed communication to surface. People fail to insert communication acquired necessity into their high level consciousness and behavior. If only what is recognized as perfect would be put into high level consciousness then programming would perfectly work, but certitude is acknowledged and simply forgotten.

The real problem of comunication with day to day people stays in primitives like substance - compound. The dynamic independent systems of interpretation seem like ordinary particularities to normal people. The final set of simple rules, being and giving perfection do not count as absolutes to normal people. Independent thought is nothing to them. Only obligation counts into their absolute.

So it is necessary as crushing and victourious into polemics that culturally clean unitary noumenal systems of being be sustained most aggressively as winning particularities. Thus compounds that offer the greatest mass of organized substance, at the minimum of 1 unit of particularity per 1 unit of necessity, equaling to fullness of substance and compound.

CONCEPTThus knowledge must be respected and worshipped as the highest stuff, from which all things become. Let along the stupids that don't know knowledge.

FLOWThus show knowledge, explain, then do the 2_ and 3_, = the flows. And flows gather everything / everybody. BUT strike! with raw, brute, crushing, unforgiving knowledge.

Through strict, harsh, martial sobriety of the centered(being_in_center) relative dynamic unitary transcendental system, IFF, the particularity of normal people can be hold. Repetition and redundancy of particular matters !replacing r.d.u.t.s. acts !fullbrain_sublimechoice to identical particularities, and thus series the most sharp, fast and finite sublimation series of processes strikes, imbuing the undeveloped human to function in artistic manner, subliming THE,SPECIFICALLY,ANDONLYTHE the highest brain energy.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Orders to myself

Orders to myself, from the transcendental unity order complete material realm.

-Exert the integrity neural impulses. Act on the first of the four waves of anything.
---Jump out of the bed when wake up.

1. Don't smile or laugh unless in HAA HAA HAAs.
2. Don't spare people, eat today what can be eaten tomorrow.
3. Use exact and repetitive vocabulary.
4. Do not listen to music, unless for dancing.
5. Eat, sleep, wake at fixed hours, unless.
6. Apply quantum, f.k. tolerance: scarcely. Force actions to predefined beginnings.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Information, but information handling?

Information access is the ultimate task of the intellect.
The management of colossal databases is the ultimate task of the intellect.

Information -> Handling
I have personally set up a network of processing and creating information that can produce quantities way out greater than what could be handled.

Creating -> Creating Handling
The structure of processing itself provides the answer to those quantities. By exercising it and letting it adapt to the brain, and the brain to it, structures can be produced that can handle an ever increasing, no matter how large database. Formatting is strict, in fact it's absolutely particular and nothing more.

Carriages of information
-Special formatting is required.
-The format is absorbed by the tools used to control the information, with the purpose of keeping the information 100% pure, unaltered, in it's initial noumenal form.

Proportions between current dimensions of the systems and the needed ones in order to handle serious information. (A good suggestion is the bold text here and it's target. Seriously.) (So I added one sentence worth of dramatic touch.)
This second point suggests how big the system of containing information must be in order to contain large quantities of it. Even the elementary technology of passing format to the receptacle is already too much for available standards (philosophy still can not define things in their noumenal nature, the complete metaphysical reverse engineernig of the human being's mind is far out... ... ... damn it... I have finished it at 16 years old.).

The "daily 2 minute hate" against the system:
(NOTE: The 100% dose of alteration that the individual has, inside the current mechanisms of social and psychological formatting, shows purely that the mechanisms are self-defeating, thus evil and stupid. (NO, YOU PIECE OF SHIT, I WAS READY TO EXPLODE AT 17 YEARS OLD. And the problem is that I didn't! And the problem is that I had no place to. And the problem is that there is no medium in which to function. And this is certain because there are no traces. (The movie must format itself to the public, so that the public remains intact! (YOU PIECE OF SHIT! (well, you're not exactly a social engineer, but more of a dialectic piece of shit!(a necessity driven to self contentedness one, too))))))
(More to go: aren't your first experiences the most powerful? Aren't doing yourself at infinity to reach that first time when you were a child? Maan, I have had your life when I was barely walking. All of it. I had stepped with my foot over every man, animal, subject or object. You're slowly walking, all of your miserable life, over this path. I was iron immortal in childhood. Stop it. Why are you still trying? Go down. I'll wait for your answer. (This "evil" sound has came naturally, by the way. I would not harm somebody, for now, by crossing the categorical imperative.))
2mHate: OVER

Thus, the brain and humans' method of treating data must evolve to a certain standard if any power processing will be done.

I have not seen in any informational medium any minimum trace of adequacy (the quality of this present adequacy beying universal, general, not particular at all) at the level of systems handling information. There is information made into systems, that's right. And to handle it you must have a serious background of general education and talent and expertise. BUT there's none that unfolds from the absolute level to that of information, so there's no system that holds information, but only information made into systems.

Impregnating your wife does not make you a genetic engineer.
2mHate: Calculating thousands of factors instead of millions and billions makes you an office plant, not an intellectual. Your stomach and bowels are actually smarter than your mind. 2mHate: OVER

Having written all this, there's but one more: Come learn my systems and let'us do BUSINESS!

Monday, August 20, 2007


I. Make an/the absolute system. -> II. Make with the absolute system the brain. -> III. Make / recognize with the absolute brain absolute systems/bodies to exert into. - Exert absolute brain into absolute systems/bodies.

Life purpose: feeding the body, keeping self in top shape for duty. Thus keep self in proper shape, compared to outside brain-like absolute systems.

If/when parts (instead of absolute bodies) then locate the energy completing the absolute objects, observe and archive for later use.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Anchored in material...

Evil commie bastards:

Nietzsche called Christianity and democracy the moralities of the “weak herd,” and argued for the “natural aristocracy” of the Uuebermensch or superman, whose “will to power” was grounded in the material world (Wren in Grolier).

So metaphysics...

NO. Pure brain content =is= metaphysics. It's the greatest materialism. I work with brain content, not metaphysics.

So you can go and fuck yourself, coz I'm that infinite much better.

Money? Cash? Material to the senses? DO IT UNTIL YOU REACH ME.

Thursday, June 21, 2007


"*Space and time, and all portions thereof, are intuitions; consequently are, with a manifold for their content,single representations. (See the Transcendental Aesthetic.)"

Kant - The Critique of Pure Reason

I personally never ever felt the monotone continuity of space and time. The inner grittiness made things authentic. My feelings were there, life was full of rich senses. Fluctuations in your qualiatic 1'st person keep you from being damp, dry.

Why isn't everybody aware of the surroundings? Why wasn't Kant? Is emc square a far away theory? What's this life that I want to go back to?

Saturday, May 12, 2007

My vision of Qualia

1.Outside fact. (Impersonal fact)

Qualia: They’re Not What They Seem
John Gibbons

"the view that qualia have the properties typically attributed to them is unjustified."

I'm connecting to this because it is for me this moment's example of philosophy trying and failing to distinguish between things that involve electrons, photons, wave length and like physical phenomena, and memory and perception and etc. made out of those scientific basic bricks. Qualia is a sort of ghost in philosophy. There are theories, but far too many questions. Like all problems, it should be treated like: a,b,c and nothing else possible. I am doing just this.

2. Internal fact. (Personal fact)

My vision of qualia.

I see usually people select RED as the most common qualia, I'll use red.

-1. -> Qualia:

-1. Read my technic blog. Sleep on it. If id doesn't make sense read another 2000 books of the best in time. Come back.
0. Nothing. Metaphysics.
1. The brain works on differences.
2. Everything is a multiple of the electron's revolutions around the atom. All the power of everything and all the time are measured as a multiple of what we can find in the atom.
3. All brain differences are a multiple of the electron's and atom's nature.
4. RED is all of the being's affected noumena while the sensorial existence is RED.
5. We calculate our being relative to something of atoms and electrons, we then tune in to that something, generalize that perticular experience, and then particularize RED:


a. biologic/physics/chemical/etc. wavelength/rgb/white all - black none formula for EYE sensorial existence RED.

b. Cultural large piece, RED-ed all over. FEEL!!!!

c. Take general formula samples from all categories of internal existence, everything that seems RED.

d. take and make sensorial existence RED, take and make cultural RED samples. Tune in all your general cyclic known components to the scietific prints of red beam of light. MIX WELL in an afective experience of 2-3 days length, a specific, deep RED one.

e. Think: This is RED. Everything that makes a difference somewhere, if my brain identifies it with my pointy waves(Link, point 19) vectorial map of my fresh RED experience and, mainly, with my fresh empirical understanding of SCIENCE's basic particularities for RED, then that difference is the action of the color RED. That is the objective phenomena, the noumena for RED. That is the PARADIGM for RED qualia.

Quote again:
"the view that qualia have the properties typically attributed to them is unjustified."

1.They have the properties attributed to them only when you think at the symbol of qualia. 2.Otherwise, when you are experiencing the RED qualia, you ARE it's attributes. Then comes the problem of not being a donkey and confusing your thinking with your perceiving, your sensors, your sensorial mix, your apperception, your different kinds of memory, etc., and coming up with different qualia things derived from the qualia that in fact serves in the same line of sensorial-perceptive-thoughty-apperceptive-etc.

The whole problem with qualia: infinite mixes of it's multiple instances from the following layers and/or more or other kind of distinctions to those specific layers:

-there's it's object - light, shaped.
-it's perceiver system - eyes, visual brain.
-it's id presence - taken from everything.
-it's sensed and perceived character combined at the level of noumena with all different kinds of existences in the brain, resulting in feelings that qualia is something from inside sticking to something undefined from outside, then defining the qualia as the undefined from outside, but on the terms of the inside stuff that originally sticked to the outside original stuff, etc.
-it's noumenal identity shoved inside memory with a hundred filters of category and experience and then taken back mixed a thousand times.

The factual explanation of how qualia borns:
1.The RED general noumena transfers it's identity into the brain. 2.At each level of existence from eyes to the depest memory, 3.the particular processes of conscience and awareness takes place. Conscience is a reverberation. 4.When the usual maximum level of reverberation intensity takes place then a plateau formes. That plateau is the sensorial experience, made of qualias.
The mistery to qualia is to get INTO and OUT FROM that plateau, at will, with any and all of the functions of existence - sensorial existence, sensorial mix, perception, thought, understanding functions, memory, buffers. This circuit brings information into us. We may perfectly define qualia, but going with the information and discovering it's path as it serves itself in real time, ever new to us, is necessary to define qualia acceptably. Because the mystery of qualia is that of the id and the id comes from everywhere in the brain.

Apperceptive qualia must be built. If it fits right, then the speculated theory shakes hands with the real and the double reality becomes one, at the meeting place. They communicate and exchange consistency. The theory becomes real. This is practical philosophy. The mind as a thing in itself all over. I am not finding it on the internet. I have to keep looking for a trace, I have just read blogs and this sort of stuff until now.

The philosophic world I see on the internet does have the correct theories to build apperceptive qualia, but the practical action requires enlightenment - the entire bouquet in action. It requires the entire spectrum of the brain's somatic functions to be enumerated and then applied into particular apperceptive qualias, then connections must be made that unify the particular qualias into a big qualiatic somatic function, that gets to melt apperceptive theories into qualia-state existence.

Big-Bang! You now enter the realm of apperception induced qualia - my 12 post in my technical blog, Mental Alchemy.

Man, I am so great. People should come and bring flowers at my feet, but everyone's so afraid.

Central words in my systems.


1. Material object at it's minimum extension in space and time.
2. Material corespondent piece of knowledge, it's body taken as an empiric material object.

more to come. I use this symbol for a long time and realize that only a synthetized definition of it's diverse meanings gets my point. 

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Just being. (Sublime)


A finger-print of natural and accepted madness.


Point 1. How it starts.

Being well implies feeling sublime. It is imperative, as everybody needs a single point in which to concentrate their presence, otherwise they would feel they miss something.

Being healthy,
Begin successful,
Being free,
Being independent,
Being in control,

Feeling sublime
, having a SINGLE master point of concentration, in the material thinking of somebody, does equal into his consciousness as being the highest.

-highest in feeling itself,
-highest hearing
-highest in looking
-highest in smelling
-highest in everything of him self.

So, while you BE, exist, live,

You either

1. feel you are the best of yourself (you just can't do better now, you are satisfied)


2. feel you are the best [and you don't bother to think "of yourself" anymore].


Nr. 2. gets augmentated with thinking at others, while the sublime remains (you continue to BE YOURSELF, while you think at others too; you are not self-centered, egomaniac).

=It Equals=

you feel you are the best, with/while other people (exist too).

you feel you are the best, %$###$% other people (they exist too).

you feel you are the best of all other people (it's just a feeling).

you feel you are the best of all other people (it's not like you really ARE the best of all people).

In other words,

After long years (like about 12-14), everybody thinks himself is the best thing on earth since tap water.

However, it is NOT a feeling, it is a mental reality (like block houses, or telegraph wires, for instance.)

Just being = Just Being the BEST. (it's just a feeling) And the feeling is real.

After long years of life, everybody gets his particular being as the best he can do / his possibility can do / the best his position can do, unlike those poor Africans / the best feeling with so much burden / the best thing doable against the bad chances / the best achievement against enemy conditions / the best action to take against opposing chances / the best deal out of the pack / the best strategy against enemy circumstances / the best move against the enemy / the best in present position against the always evil enemy (evil dice of the devil, bad luck, bad chance (God doesn't)) / the best thing in this class against common fate and evil enemies / the best against my enemy / the best, better than all those under, against the evil enemy / the best, better than "those inferiors", against the enemy and chance / the better against the common enemy / the better / the best / the most / the best / the best of all possible against the enemy / the only against the enemy / the best in class against the worse and the enemy / the best in class, against the worst and the enemy / the best in class, against the worst, inferior, the Africans, the islanders, the peasants, and the enemy / the best against the enemy / the best against the enemy / the best against the enemy / the best against the enemy / the best against the enemy / the best against the enemy /

Point 2. How it continues.

Every man fights for EVERY problem by directly fighting his greatest enemy, directly under his conscious mind, in his subconsciousness.

3_Consciousness - Every problem is fought as itself.
2_Sub-Consciousness - Every problem is fought as the greatest enemy.

Every man positions himself against a problem as the sublime, aesthetic counter-measure of his greatest enemy. Every man lives for sublime and beauty, his weapons in conquering the enemy.

If someone fires a match he is putting light over his superior aesthetic to his enemy's bad, destroying conduct and consistence.

Evil is ugly.

Good is beautiful.

I like pancakes = I dislike my enemy with pancakes.

I drink water = I dislike and fight my enemy with drinking water.

You name it = I fight my/the great evil with |You name it|.

There is no action taken without being part of one's fight over his evil. Plain doing something IS ignoring your evil or being asleep. All the human mind is to be balanced over the antithesis of two opposing points, if we want any sublime, that is unitary and understandable content of us, our ego, our selves.

Nobody wants himself to lack an ideal, to be plain, ordinary, without a special meaning, nobody wants himself to be schizoid, inferior, unequal, weak, stupid, boring, etc.

Having no sublimating aesthetic idea about what to do next means to be unable to do something. Either you address everything as pleasure or enemy, or you get clueless in different circumstances and fail.

Being oriented pyramidally in any situation is the key to being dynamic. No orientation towards failure or success, based on the ideal of pleasure, results in information being learned chaotically, having no categories or classes, shallow memory, lack of will and direction, and generally failure and low expectancies.

It is a crime to ask somebody to conform with the objective truth, if it's presentation is not a categorical and pyramidal one, having the ordering made by judgments of pleasure as ultimate value. It is a crime to not build your perspective over life by judgments of pleasure. It is a crime to function in society and do not understand it's components' laws by your personal judgments of pleasure. It is a crime to not understand another man's pleasure with your personal judgments of pleasure. It is a crime to not be able to feel real, rewarding pleasure when dealing with the strictest necessities of rational life, rules, laws, method, mechanical facts, numbers, formulas, and all other "cold" facts of life.

It is a crime to ask somebody to think clear, like without feelings. That is no objectivity. Total and mostly irrational feelings of pleasure must be laid on top of reason, without having a negative effect upon it, to provide the body with a purpose that the mind already understands as necessity.

Do you agree? Or do you dislike me with what you're doing next?

Twisting words.

The easiest way to discredit somebody on the internet. (eg. me, why not.)


Why could my texts be hacked or trashed at some point in their existence.

Example: Sometimes, in I. Kant's texts, the meaning of half page long sentences depended on as little as a preposition somewhere in the text.

Political vectors, activating on the internet, have the art of changing small things here and there so that the entire big thing collapses. This is the insidious stuff.

My text reflect my way of thinking, they are kind `a error proof. I repeat my self heavily; I keep the past affirmations into the present, morphed; I think and write systematically and artistically at the same time, so that a meaning could be deduced by it's mere position relative to the start or finish, or by extrapolating from some text that has the same artistic flow image; etc.

But, as any intricate technological things, the essential stuff here and there could be shadowed by artfully hacking some commas, prepositions, suffixes and especially peculiar stuff.

The big stuff is organizing information exchange mediums so their cultural print fits the purpose.

I've seen it in p2p downloaded books, crammed with suggestions. Way too much popcorn. Or, on a search in eMule, Burzum videos contained porn movies. Burzum is too intelligent, sincere, not enough of a pig to fit the politico-social vectors' image of a metalist. Metalists should be stupid, drink, stink, talk about satanism in not too immoral terms, threaten with apocalypse, death and then appear in videos telling how it's all just an art, a business, something they like and keeps their spirits up.

Right now, when I wrote about porn movies in the Burzum videos, the pig keyed an ENTER on my computer, with his trojan. This is suggesting me he is a pig, he is nauseous and I hate him.

I have to back-up again. Maybe buy an efficient 45$ antivirus? Block my ports?

AAAaa! I know! I recently saw an ad or two about complete protection against malware! This reminds me that the internet could be filled with spyware, viruses, evil doers. etc. In fact, right now somebody could watch my computer!


I hate you, pig. But not really. You are not worthy.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

What is my technical blog about

What is my technical blog about:

I am depressed.

1.Power. (The sum of all needs)

mind controls matter = human FORCE.
mind controls minds & virtual existences = POWER (unquantified force)

2.This electronic medium right here holds an alpha-state mental engineering system that: (The means to power)

- External purpose: I wrote here to connect with other extremely rare minds.

- Internal purpose: It should transform the philosophical knowledge of an experienced individual into a unitary pyramidal structure offering him control of his existence.

3.The mind's constitution is 80% independent from the brain. I crave to complete my freedom and power. (The finality sought, the repeating step of the means that bring power)

World = illusion. => Anything = anything in the mind.

I need to recover from depression. I need somebody to help me complete the circle on Mental Engineering, meaning I need one single individual alike.

Therefore I am looking for somebody to :

- I am able to map the complete empirical index of the brain's and mind's functions in the interval of ~72 hours. (Every definition is metaphysical in nature, pure a priori, directly connected to it's purest empirical instance, thus the both complete and empirical index)

(This means having the map for sensorial alchemy, sports and physical evolution, direct understanding of arts, behavior, etc. The speculated index is very compressed. The index itself is the second thing I'll do after activating my noumenal person. For this I need philosophers.)

- I am able to build the key-point schema of the general set of mental abilities in 2-3 weeks.
- I am able to build the general set of mental abilities in 6 months, culture-fair, noumenally pure.

(For this I need Mental Engineers. The general set of mental abilities, both culture-free (noumenally pure) and general historic culture consistent.)

(Am I actually saying here that I myself can contain the entire bouquet of human traits? Yes! At level 6 one can do mathematics and arts alike.)

-Theoretically, I am able to develop the 3'rd world's professional's practical abilities for most of the sciences and disciplines in 2-3 years (full time).

-I am able and conditioned to develop into a handful of directions to the level of expert. The
HUGE mental traffic that the tip-top shape of pure consciousness implies will force me to be
active in several domains. The particular methods for processing information will need specifically crafted methods to physically acquire and order the input and output material fast enough.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

The tip top

The tip top of the pyramid generates it all now! without effort.

Effort is from difference. No difference, no effort. - Perfection encounters nothing to change, it goes on without effort. Perfection just propagates without effort.

The tip top of the pyramid generates everything, then the pyramid gets pointy, then the pointy waves quickly route to some neurons and the brain is available.

The tip top is/gets to be everything. All desire channeled to the only effort of the small tip top point.

I'm going blank.

I said: "I want to make a definitive map of empiric noumenal reality and always have the exact identity of whatever materialization I am into."

I had access to that map for some time, many times long ago, and just before my fall in disgust, revulsion, repugnance, loathing, distaste, abhorrence, repulsion, contempt, detestation, antipathy, displeasure, dislike, disrelish over the absolute, but not quite total inexistence of humanity, and the TOTAL impotence of the things that look like it.

I am going to make up that empiric map again.

I'm going to use it.

I'm going to blank into thin air.

The periods in between two separate points of objects will be so long, and the resonance so mighty, that the landscape of my personality will totally blank.

It's called dying. Every electron in the brain will be perfectly balanced to cancel out any and all ever differences it will make. There will be no difference at all between the ether, dead matter and me. My being will vanish.

I always wanted to die young. I hated dying, not being there. I hated that all was just a big fat lie, where the pointy animals just suffer and spread suffering permanently, ending in just nothing when you die.

Being the small part that the rest of the universe around you is not is just it. No difference between anything, everything just flat out.

Words and languages -and their guaranteed failure

The precise material facts, transformations, static objects that we perceive or apperceive as clear as crystal - have no

-communicative tools of any kind,

but those of experts studying the mind, brain and behavior related disciplines.

A physicist or health care professional has actually no idea whether he thinks at a thing or is directly connected with the phenomenon itself, or both. All experts are drowning in a billion dualities, their brain has no clue what's real and what's virtual, their brains are mudded in NOTECHNIQUE of IDENTIFICATION and their entire power gets sucked into "feeling" your own errors, be certain "that's what's going on!"; the actual brain process for a single "identity and act" piece is about a few tenths of times the needed size (when it's working flawlessly). They are fucking idiots!

I can't express not even one of the thousands of distinctions that I make in a particular time without introducing the need to understand a thousand more.

The specialized vocabularies for communicating the clear, distinct, "touchable" mind processes are primitive. It's like watching Borat. I mean if it is "just work" then it's fine for the specialist, he's sober and doesn't care. He confuses the sobriety of work with painful lack of mind tools.

WHY THE FUCK DO WE NEED SHAKESPEARE TO EXPRESS THINGS? The greatest art, the only way of seeing things right - we need better tools.

Language, gestures, the entire art, theater of communication is dull. The world's languages are faithful to the things in themselves like the imbecile to the moral duty. There's no fucking way of directly communicating some shit. SOME SHIT would translate to UNDEFINED, KNOWN NOUMENAL OBJECT.

WHO THE FUCK USES DISTINCTIONS LIKE "UNDEFINED, KNOWN NOUMENAL OBJECT"? Is there a common word in some language that implies the particular relation of the communicator with the object that he does not define by his communication?

I've done some bad shit. 18 letters.

I am in a state of relations to some specific arbiters that could, and it ethically should, but it's still, under the particular circumstances defined by <>, moral they wouldn't punish me, because the gravity of facts is obviously not enough for them to assume their fake role of authorities to the maximum extent, the gravity is just more than half needed for them to reach out to that role, while their selves they are just as about a third guilty of this crime compared to me, and while the crime itself has an ethic gravity of only less than half than your ordinary crime, and, my crime, of course, we know that it should be, in a correctly functioning society a slight more than a grave crime, they should not punish me, but let me go, because a. their correctness is not big enough to inspire them play the theatrics of justice in an self-artistically-motivating way, as rhetorically fighting my great evil, nor great enough to play it out of belief of it's definite constructive effect, and b. they do not believe my crime is big enough for punishment, 1. because they do it 33% too and so their inner moral imperative really prevents them to consider it truly dirty, and 2. because they, in their inner self accept this current state of moral/immoral equilibrium in society, just like us; and alll this big thing while my inner sense of guilt tells me that I should <>, and I want to <> and I decide to <>, and in addition, not connected to the former said, but completely distinct, I am suggesting you <>, those things I do not define to you in this moment, should continue/transform their course by applying to them the following <>, and by suggesting to you this solution you now understand more or less exactly what are those things that I am talking about, that I did.

Let me tell YOU something: when "I've done some bad shit." gives the common individual the power to express so much, then WE, the "superior", the defined and refined, the cultivated, etc. WE ARE IN DEEP SHIT.

Language DUMBS DOWN people. True intellectuals, and true to the bone people communicate and act by the rule of slang and shit down`the streets as a last resort to "keep it real".

[No, idiot, school's not just a game that gives you access to society, correspondent to your ability to get grades. It's ALL MEANT and it's right. All pedantry is exactly how it should be, but it sucks ONLY because it's faked, mashed up and so "it's not keeping real".]

There are no languages and communication tools to express "EXACTLY, ACCURATE TO THE LAST DETAIL" some SHIT (noumenal, rather defined, but undefined object) that we experience.

I make clear, sharp distinctions between the thought in itself and it's communication symbol.
I want to make a definitive map of empiric noumenal reality and always have the exact identity of whatever materialization I am into.(or is it IT into me? or maybe we share the same location? or maybe... aah fuck it)

We learn to communicate everything thorough symbols. We never ever directly actually "TRANSFER" a thought, we just point out it's symbols and use fingers to point it in front of us or miles away.
This is not communication, it's a circus of babbling, anointed with our art flows in order to transmit the actual thing.

Thing in itself -> Percepted thing in itself -> Apperceptual proprietary image of the thing ->

-> Communication ->

Word symbols from the thing -> Cultural selection, encasing, etc. -> Oral modulation of sound, gesture encasing, etc.

This is all just a circus.

-We DON'T have 1 on 1 words on anything and it would be insane to have a map of words to a repetitive and empirically small world.


They don't teach everybody this in schools. (I mean everyone, so that one minus would be a problem, not like they teach 5 from 100, and more than 5, maybe 20 would be nice. Like Jesus himself once said: "But all is not well.")

Shit man, science scholars are still arguing about the difference between metaphysically possible, materially possible, mentally possible; or if the mind is virtual (as mind=virtual matter) or if it is real (should this be that mind is actually matter? like we have some real, actual shits inside our brains?) The problem of the virtuality of the mind steps on my toes; I'd virtually like to smash their heads with a real hammer from time to time, all the rats playing it Bogart in the media with their idiotic uncertainties and specific, narrow expertise. Just like you would be a medic and become an expert in the left foot.

"It is noted that the chicken has two parallel feet, especially the left one."

I want to develop a scientific and absolutely error-proof scheme that reduces a huge amount of text into something "instant". Just watch it and it's there, with all the details, easy, error-proof and fast.