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Thursday, May 3, 2007

What is my technical blog about

What is my technical blog about:

I am depressed.

1.Power. (The sum of all needs)

mind controls matter = human FORCE.
mind controls minds & virtual existences = POWER (unquantified force)

2.This electronic medium right here holds an alpha-state mental engineering system that: (The means to power)

- External purpose: I wrote here to connect with other extremely rare minds.

- Internal purpose: It should transform the philosophical knowledge of an experienced individual into a unitary pyramidal structure offering him control of his existence.

3.The mind's constitution is 80% independent from the brain. I crave to complete my freedom and power. (The finality sought, the repeating step of the means that bring power)

World = illusion. => Anything = anything in the mind.

I need to recover from depression. I need somebody to help me complete the circle on Mental Engineering, meaning I need one single individual alike.

Therefore I am looking for somebody to :

- I am able to map the complete empirical index of the brain's and mind's functions in the interval of ~72 hours. (Every definition is metaphysical in nature, pure a priori, directly connected to it's purest empirical instance, thus the both complete and empirical index)

(This means having the map for sensorial alchemy, sports and physical evolution, direct understanding of arts, behavior, etc. The speculated index is very compressed. The index itself is the second thing I'll do after activating my noumenal person. For this I need philosophers.)

- I am able to build the key-point schema of the general set of mental abilities in 2-3 weeks.
- I am able to build the general set of mental abilities in 6 months, culture-fair, noumenally pure.

(For this I need Mental Engineers. The general set of mental abilities, both culture-free (noumenally pure) and general historic culture consistent.)

(Am I actually saying here that I myself can contain the entire bouquet of human traits? Yes! At level 6 one can do mathematics and arts alike.)

-Theoretically, I am able to develop the 3'rd world's professional's practical abilities for most of the sciences and disciplines in 2-3 years (full time).

-I am able and conditioned to develop into a handful of directions to the level of expert. The
HUGE mental traffic that the tip-top shape of pure consciousness implies will force me to be
active in several domains. The particular methods for processing information will need specifically crafted methods to physically acquire and order the input and output material fast enough.